The historic Portland Railway Station – Did you know about it?

A Timely Historical Photo Find to celebrate the Rejuvination of the Portland on the Rideau Historical Society Website/Museum

Hello all! We are back! The Portland on the Rideau Historical Society [PRHS] website has been rejuvenated through the able technical efforts of Larry Cochran and Gary Petro of Portland and Dave Pye [ex-resident and original website designer]. There will also be a PRHS annual general meeting on May 12 in Portland. Contact Chair Doug Good [[email protected]] for further details.

Photo taken in Jan 1947
Photo taken in Jan 1947

Along with the website rejuvenation discussion at the Portland Thursday morning Chit Chat gathering, by pure happenstance, Dave Geddes of Portland turned up with a photo and a painting of the old railroad station.

Portland Station Painting
Painting by Gil Parcel of Portland

Many PRHS members have looked for just such a photo but this is the first to surface after a few years of searching!! It is amazing what one finds out at the Chit Chats [lol].  The photo was taken in 1947, but we don’t know who took the picture.  The plans were approved by the CNR for construction of the station in 1912 and we think the station operated from 1914 into the 1950’s. The photo and the painting clearly show the board extending from the roof of the station to allow the train to collect the outgoing mail by snagging the bag as the train passed through without stopping (unless they had to stop for passengers).

Jeffery P. Smith, out of Lee’s Summit, Missouri has recently added a historical on-line resource on the history of the Canadian National Railway :

The painting on the right was done by a local artist Gil Parcell, which we understand was done from the photograph.  If you know anymore about the painting or the station, please let us know.

Many thanks to Dave Geddes for bringing them to our attention. These photos were copied and returned to him. PRHS would like to borrow and copy and then return to you any historical photos, paintings or other items of people, buildings, things and events of yester-year in Portland and surrounding area that you might have. The PHRS will be maintaining a virtual museum with these materials accessible to anyone through the internet at no charge. Please contact PRHS Chair Doug Good or Treasurer Buzz Boles [[email protected] 613-272-6764].