Settlers Trek 2016

treklogoRegional heritage enthusiasts are pleased to announce a “Settlers Trek” re-enactment to commemorate the bicentennial of the arrival of the first settlers to the Perth Military Settlement in 1816. This Trek will be a symbolic attempt to cover as much as possible of the original overland and water route from Brockville to Perth.

The members of the original Trek were government-sponsored civilians from the British Isles and decommissioned soldiers from the War of 1812 and the Napoleonic conflicts.

Starting on Sunday, May 15, 2016, the participants will leave the Courthouse Green in Brockville, traveling by horse and wagon and by foot northwards through the communities of Lyn, Athens and Delta to Portland. At these five sites, local organizers will arrange for daily civic celebrations that may include music, dinners, dances, children’s games, gospel singalongs, church services, military encampments and skill demonstrations reflective of that period. After Lyn on Sunday, the Trek resumes at Athens on Monday for a family oriented program, approaching Delta on Tuesday evening and Portland on Wednesday.

From Portland, another group of re-enactors will paddle the Rideau and Tay waterways, concluding Friday, May 20 at the Perth Basin.

Visit the Settlers Trek 2016 site to learn more.

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