Portland Hall Board – Annual Chicken BBQ

2020 Annual Chicken BBQ - Planning

Hi Hall Board Volunteers!

With the permission of the Township, we would like to have our annual chicken BBQ on Saturday, August 1st at 4:00 p.m.  We believe it was announced in the Township Activities Booklet so some publicity has already taken place.  The Saturday of the long weekend has been the traditional date for the BBQ event.  However, with COVID19 emergency provisions in place at the moment, there is a question whether we should or should not delay the event.  What to you think?

Assuming we go ahead, we need to get the plan in place and be prepared to shift the date if necessary.

Now we want to see who is available to help.

Heather Moodie has agreed to change the date on our signs free of charge and Bob has the signs and will take care of this.

Bob and MJ are prepared to make the coleslaw and macaroni salad at their place.  On the afternoon of the event we would meet at the hall and put the salads in the cups and refrigerate and put the drinks in the frig.  The BBQ crew would start up the BBQ and get the chicken going.   The plan is to set up tables at the entrance of the hall for people to pay, pick up their salads and dessert and then proceed to the BBQs to pick up their chicken and either take them home or eat in the park or the parking lot where tables would be set up 6 feet apart.

All volunteers would be wearing masks and keep the 6 foot distance between each other.  The person taking the money would also wear gloves.

As you will have seen from the email sent to Leila this morning, we are awaiting Township approval to hold the event.

Price would remain the same as last year at $18.00 but is open to discussion.  Not sure what to do about garbage cans but would welcome suggestions on this as well.  If you can think of anything else we might have forgotten, please let us know.  It would be nice to have something “normal” take place in the community.

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