Heritage: Our Identity, Our Stories, Our Mission

Our heritage is the inheritance we receive from those who came before us. When we discover those connections, we find the stories of those that have influenced our lives.  The Ancestry genealogical application through the magic of our DNA helps us discover connections to relatives from many generations past.  It tells us “who begat who.”  However,  the most interesting stories may be connected to those who moved because they tell us why they moved.  Relocating a family is one of the most stressful events,  especially if it involves relocating from one’s homeland to another country in order to survive a threat like starvation or persecution.  My family came over from Scotland and Ireland in the early 1700’s because of famine and persecution out of desperation.  It is the Scotts-Iirish who established both Canada and the United States and today make up about 30% of the population in both countries.

When we consider those who shaped our lives and our values, they may not be limited to blood relations. They may be colleagues with whom we have worked or public heroes who shaped our nation in challenging times.
Do you have someone other than a relative who positively influenced your life?x


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