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noque, ON

I recently came into possession of one of the largest and most detailed and structurally accurate model of the Bluenose that I have ever seem. I was informed that it was build in Portland around 1940 by an individual named Thomas Partridge. I suspect that this individual had an intimate knowledge of the actual vessel and that he perhaps had a maritime history. I plan on restoring the model and displaying it in my home. I would however like to document and honour its builder as the name and historical background of the creator of something this special should not… Read more »

Paul Seeley

Hello good people:
I am trying to track down a man by the name of William Sherlock Abrams. Last know location was in Portland, Ontario in 1871. If you have any info you could point me to….I would be most appreciative of your efforts. Sherlock was born in Quebec in 1820 and may have died in 1880’s.