Cow Island Fireworks

Each year, the BRLA celebrates Canada Day with a unique exhibition of fireworks set off on Cow Island. Join us on the water, or on land from the Portland area to see this unique spectacle. Fireworks are held on the Saturday of the Canada Day long weekend. Check the Calendar of Events for the specific day.

The fireworks program is entirely funded by the BRLA; we need your support to ensure its success. Please make your donation to the BRLA, by dropping off a contribution at one of the collection boxes in stores around the lake, sending us a donation – PO Box 93, Portland ON, K0G 1V0, adding a bit to your Membership Renewal or being generous when you’re asked for your support on the day of the event.

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Joy Forbes

I’m a an owner of property on Briton Bay, teacher, and author of “Perseverance Pranks & Pride – Tales of the One-Room Schoolhouse”. I interviewed over 200 people who taught or attended one-room schools in the Ottawa Valley and researched about 150 schools. Some schools featured are in Newboyne and South Burgess. For more information check out my website. I’m also on a book tour and would be happy to speak to your historical society.