Portland on the Rideau Historical Society

The objective of the Portland on the Rideau Historical Society is to document, collect and preserve the history of the village of Portland and the Big Rideau Lake area throughout its existence, with special emphasis on the village, the lake community and its natural setting.

A primary goal of the Society is to develop a virtual museum reflecting the intertwined histories of the lake and the village.

The society is member based and open to all persons wishing to join and willing to abide by its constitution and respect its objectives. PRHS actively seeks out both organizations and individuals as members to achieve shared goals.

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Interested persons may contact the Society by mail at:

Portland Rideau Historical Society
PO Box 1,
Portland ON,

The Chairperson can be reached through email at: prhs@live.ca
The PRHS Website can be viewed at: www.portlandontario.com