Rideau Historical Society Agenda for Founding Annual General Meeting
Date: January 12, 2009 –  7:30 pm
Location: Portland Public Library
Chair: Buzz Boles


  1. Welcome and Introductions of Steering Committee and guests: Chair.
  2. Overview of past year and prospects for the future: Chair.
  3. Ontario Historical Society : Guest Rob Leverty.
  4. Treasury Report: Jill Turnbull.
  5. Discussion and adoption of the proposed Constitution: Ian Johnson.
  6. Question: timing of future Annual General Meetings [season/month].
  7. Revisions to the draft Constitution
  8. Revenue Canada note
  9. Motion to adopt the proposed Constitution  [with any required changes as voted by the membership present]
  10. Nominations and elections of officers and directors: Colin Horsfall presiding [President of Chamber of Commerce].  Electoral slate proposed by nominating committee plus any nominations from the floor; eligible voters are Society members in good standing as of December 5, 2008].
  11. Statement(s) by incoming Chair and Board of Directors. Comments and questions from Society members to Board of Directors.
  12. Other business [as may be requested by the membership at AGM].
  13. Motion to adjourn the founding AGM.

AGM Meeting Notes – Monday, January 12, 2009

The Founding AGM of the Portland on the Rideau Historical Society was held at the Portland Library. 14 people attended which included our guest Rob Leverty from the Ontario Historical Society and Colin Horsfall from the Rideau Lakes Chamber of Commerce who presided over the nominations and elections of officers and directors.

Buzz Boles, Chair of the Steering Committee welcomed everyone and introduced the steering committee and our guest. The Steering Committee members were: Buzz Boles, (Chair), John Bossert,  Ian Johnson, Rick Long, Diane Haskins, (V. Chair) Tom Sled and. Jill Turnbull (Treasurer).

Buzz gave an overview of the past year and prospects for the future. The steering committee operated a storefront drop-in centre over the summer in Portland.They applied for and received grants from Rideau Lakes Township and Rural Leeds 2000 & Beyond (A total of $2,000). A draft Constitution was developed and an application was prepared for membership to the Ontario Historical Society. Members worked with the Portland Legion in planning the 100th anniversary celebration of the Royal Canadian Navy and founder Admiral Kingsmill.  A strategic plan was started for the development of a Museum in Portland and some historical information and artifacts were collected. There are currently 37 paid members in the Society.

Jill Turnbull gave the Treasurer’s report and the bank balance is $2,093.65.

Rob Leverty, Ontario Historical Society, gave us an overview of the Society whose mandate is to preserve and promote Ontario History. The cost to incorporate through the OHS is $400 and an annual $50 membership fee. Rob takes the paperwork to the Ontario Government and we will be issued a number and will become a legal entity. Membership with the OHS also offers good rates on D&O insurance. Moved by Rick Long and seconded by Doug Bond that PRHS proceed with the application. All in favour. Motion carried.

Ian Johnson presented the draft Constitution and by-laws for discussion. Ian made a motion that the Constitution and by-laws be accepted with the following amendments to the by-laws, 6.04 Banking – one of the co-signers must be the Treasurer. 8.01 will have the following addition, The organization shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or gains to the organization shall be used in promoting its objectives. Moved by Ed Brigden and seconded by Rick Long to accept the Constitution and the by-laws as amended. All in favour. Motion carried.

Colin Horsfall presented the following electoral slate proposed by the nominating committee, Chair – Buzz Boles, Vice Chair – Rick Long, Secretary – Shirley Wimperis, Treasurer – Jill Turnbull, Directors at large – Christine Row, John Bossert, Ian Johnson and Diane Haskins. No nominations from the floor. Doug Bond moved to close nominations and accept the electoral slate as presented. Seconded by Rick Long. All in favour. Motion carried.

Chair, Buzz Boles stated that in the spring there would be a meeting for the general public. Buzz asked the BRLA reps for their assistance in getting the news of PRHS out to their members. Skate the Lake has offered their trailer of a summer office/museum. The following committees will be set-up. Museum development, Finance, Membership. Board members will chair committees and any member is welcome to sit on a committee.

Ian Johnson Thanked Buzz for his leadership and hard work on the PRHS steering committee.

Doug Arrand, offered the support and help of the Big Rideau Lake Association (BRLA) and advised the group that the BRLA will be celebrating its 100th year in 2011.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm.

Minutes prepared by Shirley Wimperis, Secretary