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John Davis

My great uncle Louis (or Lewis) Otto with his wife and child came to Portland in 1906 from the east end of London. He would have been about 34 when he arrived. Are there any Otto’s in Portland today ?
Certainly I would be pleased to hear any information you might have.
John Davis

Arnold Rogers

Bert Olmstead owned the garage and gas station on 15 highway as you drive through .
Will Dowset built boats in a building across the driveway from
Sim Scovil’s store.. Bert Garrett ran a boat taxi.
I lived in Portland from 1930 to 1943

Desmond Bell

I lived in Portland from 1965 to 1972. My father was the Anglican minister at Emmanual Anglican church which included Newboyne and Lombardy. At the time that I lived there it was Charlie and Mary O’Meara (can’t remember how it was spelled) who owned the Shell as well as the Texaco station at the the other end of town across from Oldendorps Supertest.


Hi THere; I am an fan of Portland as when I was years younger I spent many of my school holidays there as I stayed with my aunt and uncle.
My question; Do you know who operated the OLD SHELL gas station on the highway going through Portland? Also who owned the boat building marina near Scovils General Store. I would like to obtain a photo of where they made the boats.
Good luck. Hope to hear back from you. Gail

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