Rich in History

The Landing on Big Rideau Lake, which is now the community of Portland, lies at the heart of the Rideau Canal System and is central to the history of the canal and to the early development of Canada.  Portland is on Highway 15, midway between Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. 

But why are the "dry and dusty" pages of history of any interest or value in our fast food, technocratic society of today?  Who has the time to look back when the glowing colors and videos on our smartphones and tablets beckon us to go faster and faster toward wherever we are going?  Do we know where we are going?
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Wrapped in Natural Beauty

Big Rideau Lake, an awesome resource surrounded in year  round splendor of nature's glory makes for an incredible playground and backdrop for endless exploration, recreation and artistic inspiration.  Those of us who live in Portland and near the shores of Big Rideau Lake recognize the value of having the Big Rideau as our front yard, observe the myriad of natural wonders and changing panorama of life that unfolds for us with each sunrise and sunset. 

With the change of each season there is a new parade of flora and fauna that get themselves all gussied up just for our amusement and amazement. 
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A Vibrant Future

The surrounding area is blessed with a rich diversity of human experience and talent that is the creative energy for a nourishing quality of life, a growing population and a sustainable economy.  It has been said "It takes a village to raise a child."  It is equally true that "while growing older is unavoidable, growing up is optional. 

The advantage of growing up in the rich fabric of Portland is that your odds of retaining that childlike curiosity are greatly enhanced by the richness and diversity of the relationships that develop in this small town community. 

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on the steps of the church
Delta Mill