The purpose of the Hall board is to manage the activities of the Community hall and to provide guidance and assistance as may be needed to those groups who use the hall for events and activities.

By-Law 2010-114     of the Township of Rideau Lakes established the Joint Hall board as a Sub-Committee of the Municipal Services Committee (Public Works) to make regulations for the health, safety, morality and welfare of the inhabitants of the Municipality in compliance with the Municipal Act 2001 c.25 Section 130.  The link above provides access to the full bylaw which also establishes nine local Community Hall Sub- Committees  each of the communities of  Morton, Crosby, Chaffey's Lock, South Elmsley, Portland, Newboro, Elgin, North Crosby and Delta.

Each of the nine local community Hall board Sub-Committees is responsible for:

  • Establishing a Committee with executive and guidelines;
  • Responsible for the operation of the hall;
  • Holding meetings as required, minimum of (2) per year;
  • Receiving and hearing Delegations with concerns of Municipal Owned Halls;
  • Establish bank accounts and accounting syste - monthly/annual reports - pay all bills direct (where applicable);
  • Responsible for rental of halls/facilities, opening/closing/heat levels;
  • Responsible for ensuring that the persons(s)/party/group who are renting the hall/facillities have the necessary documents signed priot to rental of the hall, (Township approved rental agreement) and necessary insurance other than the Township's existing policy;
  • Collect fees for hall rental;
  • Work with the Community & Leisure Services Manager coordination events and programs;
  • Responsible for submission to Municipal Treasurer all financial receipts, invoices and bank statements for examination by Township Auditor.

Each of the nine (9) Local Community Hall Board Sub-Committees will hold fundraising events and will retain the related revenu from Hall use to support recreation at those Halls.  Rental revenue will be submitted to the Township and the Township will hold revenues to offset operating costs (Hydro/Electricity). 

Any excess monies from individual hall rentals, after operating costs (Hydro/Electricity) are paid, shall be placed in reserves on an annual basis, for Capital projects for individual halls.

The Council of The Corporation of the Township of Rideau Lakes shall be responsible for:

  • Paying all hydro and heat costs to the previous year's amount plus and inflationary increase, for each of the nine (9) local halls
  • Maintenance of the Halls to present condition
  • Giving approvals on all changes to halls
  • Paying for property (land & building(s)) insurance

The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Rideau Lakes and the Municipal Services Committee (Public works/Planning/Community & Leisure Services)  will maintain veto rights on all halls, if necessary documents and policies do not meet Township requirements.

That Schedule "A" and "B" to this By-Law may be changed from time to time, as deemed desirable by Resolution of Council.

A brief history of the building

  1. The building was built originally in ---- as part of another building                       It was separated and moved to its present location in_______

Space and functions

The building in its present location consists of two floors:   The Lower floor includes the kitchen facilities and the Activity Area, plus washrooms, utility rooms and several small storage areas.

The upper floor includes a foyer, washrooms, the ballroom, and an elevated stage with large screen and curtains.  It is well suited to dining events and musical/theatrical entertainment as well as large group meetings.  A small bar area provides for serving refreshments.

Despite its age, it is a very functional building and a huge social asset to the Portland community. Recommendations for maintenance and energy reduction are provided in the next section.  


Planned Kitchen update:

Portland Community Hall Kiitchen Cabinet Estimate Oct 14 2018


The hall is a busy place and is very much the social centre for the community:  More to come here....

Social Economics

The hall building is the site of many fund raising events by many of the organizations in the community.  It is also the center for dance classes, exercise classes, Tia Chi Potluck Suppers and Annual General Meetings.  Each one of these activities contributes to the well-being of the people who live in the village and surrounding area.  Each event generates funds, creates opportunities for engagement and personal contribution with a reliable and substantial cadre of volunteers and in-kind contribution from local small businesses.

More to come here ....

The fact that the building is aging means it is not as energy efficient as it should be.  The cost of replacing the building means we need to consider maintenance activities that may be effective in extending the productive life of the building and developing financial support for its replacement at the appropriate time.

Energy Management Plan

Heat Loss Analysis

Portland Hall Heat Load Analysis 13 Mar 2018

Cost benefit of replacing windows

Cost benefits of changing water heaters

comments and recommendations

Maintenance issues

Roof Repairs