rear view mirrorHistorical Perspective: Looking in the rear view mirror....

It seems today that many people are risk averse to the point they are more interested in guarantees and entitlements than in opportunities.  Perhaps that explains why we tend to spend more money on insurance than we invest in new ideas.  The generations that explored and settled this country came with one-way tickets looking for freedom and opportunities.  They gambled all they had.  It is fascinating to explore their stories and find out more about where we came from.  Proceed at your own risk.

Settlers Deed

Our genes (DNA) connect us to all of humanity back to our very earliest roots.   The DNA perspective is rather abstract.  It may tell us where our ancestors came from geographically, but not much about them as individuals and families. However, the stories that our ancestors wrote can provide a tangible link to our past, a perspective that may have significant impact on our generations.  These stories give significance to our lives today, shaping our character and inspiring us in our own times of challenge.

We hope you find such inspiration in the fascinating stories we have included in the articles below.  Perhaps you will have the opportunity to meet descendants of the original settlers in this Settlers Trek 2016.

Below decks
Pleasure cruise - NOT
Pleasure cruise - NOT
Perth Trails